Amerikan Made Prints is the husband & wife team, Jenn & Keith Bowman. The small manual press shop is located in rural Pennsylvania, and has been operating since the mid 2000’s. Together, their vision is to turn out hand printed, limited edition posters that “rock harder than Gibraltar” and are affordable for everyone.






Print Runs of 25-50

Our stock poster size is 12.5 x 19 printed on a variety of 80lb papers from French Paper Co.

Sometimes these editions are offered in second or third edition runs, due to demand or special events, but usually printed as a “one run and done” edition.

All editions are hand signed and numbered.


Low Print Runs of 10

Treasury editions are a bit smaller than our House Editions, measuring at 10 x 13, printed on a variety of 80lb papers from French Paper Co.

Besides the size, what makes these prints different, is that these are prints are aimed at collectors, due to the small quantities and that they will not be re-printed.

Each poster will have a “parallel” run printed in a variant color scheme. Parallels will be printed in extremely limited quantities of 5 and will never be re-printed.

All editions are hand signed and numbered.


One Shots

In order to check the screen detail or ink color, we will do some test pulls. Sometimes we will also try overprinting some graphics from one design over graphics of another, just to see what the result would be.

Often these prints look great in their own unique way, so we will put them in our store, or pack them with orders as a bonus poster.

All test prints are hand signed.


Much like our poster’s unique design, their size is also unique to the standard framing options. Unfortunately custom framing can be expensive, but don’t worry, there are plenty of alternative framing solutions. The solution that we use and highly recommend is this.

One of the best things about being a manual press shop, is that it allows us to be more physically connected to the posters throughout the entire process. We do everything from the illustrations, to the printing and finally to shipping it out. This means that we have to sweat the details, and be prepared for the challenges that come from being so hands on.


Here are some of the things you can expect from a manual press poster, specially ones that have thin lines or fine detail: broken lines, filled in type or the occasional inky fingerprint. We don't see those as imperfections, but instead as character traits that makes each poster unique. Embrace the uniqueness!

“Jazz washes away the dust of every day life.” — Art Blakey

Every time we lay down ink, we play only the finest vintage jazz on vinyl. This has been our tradition since our first poster, and it ensures the proper Groove-to-Ink Ratio™


Just like most events in life, they can often be enhanced with the right soundtrack. We take great pride in curating the music played as we print, often trying to match the music to the overall feel of the artwork, or the tone of the color scheme. The album that was played during the printing process is always displayed within the poster's description on our store.